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We have the newest wireless security system that will save you lots of money.

If you have a construction company and have problems with vandalism or stolen goods, this is your dream security system.

If you have a boat and want security and a high water alarm, then this is the system for you.

If you have a home and don't want to run wires, then this is the system for you.

If you have a sensor that is tripped, the system will call you. It works off cellular networks and can call you directly, text, email or call a central station monitoring system that will call police or whom ever you wish. 

We have sensors made for many different needs and as long as you are within 2000 ft of your base unit you can tell within seconds if you are having problems or not.

Here are a list of sensors:

     Indoor Sensors:
          Indoor Motion Detector 
          Door/Window Contact
          Smoke Detector
          Glass Break Detector
          Liquid Level Detector
          Rate of Rise Detector  

          Outdoor Sensors:
          10 ft, 20 ft and 100 ft loops (acts like a large bicycle lock and if tampered or cut will tell the panel)
          Storage Container Motion Sensor  (Has an external antenna for long range alert)
          Dual Beam High Power Motion Detector  (has 2 beams and both must be interupted to signal alarm panel)
          Rattler (a motion sensitive sensor that if moved or picked up with signal alarm panel)
          Borderguard  (a motion detector that monitors on 2 directions instead of just one direction) 

         Call us at 907-240-7431 for further details and prices.